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Today’s digital marketplace is swift. It’s bold. Let’s be honest: it’s a little bit cutthroat.

It’s not good enough to have software that looks good but underperforms. Or software that is programmed well but doesn’t deliver on the user experience.

The future is digital. If companies aren’t keeping pace in this fast-paced digital landscape, delivering both reliable performance and an elegant interface, they’re losing customers.

Rogue Theorem believes code should be as clean and well designed as the user interface, marrying attention to detail with clarity, simplicity and style.

Rogue Theorem is proudly based in Minneapolis, MN.

Benjamin Stockwell

Ben is not your average software guy. His talent behind the computer is balanced by a love of music, art, and fashion. As a teammate, he is quick-witted, collaborative, and highly productive. As a consultant, he brings years of experience including embedded, mobile, and web-based software development. He is well-versed in Agile methodology, emphasizing rapid-iteration, test-driven, and collaborative development.